Profils Jean Claude Chalhoub | Facebook

Profils Jean Claude Chalhoub | Facebook

Jean Claude Chalhoub's Personal Skills

Jean Claude Chalhoub (`s most impressive skill is his flexibility to correspond effectively and to establish trust between himself and the clients he meets. It is obviously of great advantage to him that he can communicate in numerous different languages, causing it to be so much easier for him to understand the complexity of the different industries that his company operates in. Jean Claude Chalhoub’s abilities with communication and comprehension have made it possible for him to achieve the highest standard of co-operation and understanding with the organisation's clients and associates, alongside his family members.

Another of his hobbies is sailing. He owns his own boats that he often sails, particularly on the open sea. The wonders of the planet intrigue him. To see them with his own eyes, he regularly journeys abroad. Apart from his professional ventures, Jean Claude Chalhoub is engaged in multiple leisurely pastimes.

Joining the Family Business

Ascending the ranks inside of the organisation has given him the know-how and experience required to achieve great results. His family organisation has provided him with basic foundation for his career-development, through which he receives valuable assistance to succeed in his professional life. Jean Claude Chalhoub has been able to build up a rich understanding on top of technical experience regarding the market, environment and the strengths and weaknesses of the business itself.

Jean Claude Chalhoub expanded the business in several other regions including Canada, Latin America and France. His exceptional leadership capabilities and his achievements in driving development promise the enduring success of the company. From this new position, the business – now well-known internationally - was ideal to propel him in the direction of more accomplishments. With business understanding and being extremely mindful of the outcomes of changes made, Jean Claude Chalhoub was moved into a managerial role by his father.

Jean Claude Chalhoub's Family Background

Owing to his solid foundational understanding of business, he is able to supply to worldwide markets efficiently and skillfully. His solid family background protected him from being exposed to common risks as a young entrepreneur. Jean Claude Chalhoub had the luxury of being born to a family that had a strong corporate and cultural history.

Jean Claude Chalhoub: His Childhood

Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Italian are the languages he is able to speak. The variety of people from other countries who constantly visit his home country significantly has allowed him to become skilled in these languages. Jean Claude Chalhoub was born in the late 1950's to a corporate family residing in Egypt. Looking at his life, it becomes very clear that his individuality was shaped foremost by his country of birth and his interactions with his family. With a Lebanese father and an Italian mother, Jean Claude Chalhoub sampled many aspects of very different cultures during childhood.