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Who is Marc Ooms ?

Some of Marc Ooms ('s early years were spent alongside his loved ones in Brussels. Marc Ooms's father operated an organisation which was engaged in the import of fruit and vegetables. At this time, he is a caring and happy father to three daughters and has several grandchildren.

The Arts and Marc Ooms

Over the years, Marc Ooms has accrued a marked curiosity about the arts. He observes, loves and appreciates countless distinct sorts of art for a hobby. Marc Ooms meticulously tracks the current art market to remain educated about the latest art.

Marc Ooms's Educational Background

He obtained his BSc in Business Administration which helped to prepare him for a diverse and long career. As an early step into the world of higher education, Marc Ooms studied at Heilig-Hartcollege in Ganshoren. On top of his official studies, Marc Ooms has discovered a lot from practical, real-life experiences.

Marc Ooms's Early Career

Later, he came to be General Partner with an organisation that was on the list of the leading private brokers in all of the country at the time. Observing an establishment in complete functionality from a pretty early age would probably have impacted Marc Ooms's outlook. At one point in his career, Marc Ooms obtained a managerial role at a widely known investment company.