Profils Marc Ooms | Facebook

Profils Marc Ooms | Facebook

Marc Ooms's involvement with The Fruit Farm Group

Since the creation of the business, Marc Ooms ( has assisted in encouraging it to focus on the most favoured fruits like bananas and apples. They have secured at least 5,700 hectares of land, 3,900 of which are utilised for the planting of fruit. Marc Ooms, along with other business people, officially formed the Fruit Farm Group in the year 2014.

Marc Ooms's Love of the Arts

Marc Ooms views, enjoys and appreciates a lot of unique forms of art for a pastime. He is a frequent browser of myriad art exhibitions and galleries. Marc Ooms closely follows the modern art market to stay educated concerning the most recent art. From the year 2003 to 2011, he worked with the Kaaitheater arts center as the Chairman of the board of directors.

Marc Ooms - Who is he?

The bulk of Marc Ooms's youth was spent alongside his nearest and dearest in Ganshoren, Brussels. He spent his younger years as the oldest son and was situated at home with his parents and his four siblings. Marc Ooms was born on the 18th of November 1951 in Etterbeek.

Marc Ooms's Educational Background

From 1970 to 1974, Marc Ooms worked towards his bachelor's degree at the VLEKHO Business School. Marc Ooms acquired a deeper look into the world of business whilst learning for his BSc. The name 'Heilig-Hartcollege' (which translates to 'Sacred Heart College'), was motivated by a well-known church that lies nearby, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.